UNICEF Lottery Website

Working closely with Lottovate (UNICEF’s innovative lottery provider partner platform) we designed the main platform homepage for UNICEF Lottery (lotteriet); Norway’s first ever digital only charity lottery.

The website would not only house the lottery game, but explain the reason behind it and reflect the ethos and sentiment of the charity brand itself; as well as reflect the modern and innovative way that UNICEF was using a lottery to raise long-term sustainable income.

A cross-platform, flexible website was created that delivered a clean but fun design that pushed both the product but also the ethos. As it was module based and each module would house varied content, an extensive brand doc was created; this described the design language in great detail, by not only explaining the use of the palette and typography, but also how each module would work in regards to each contained elements.

It was received very well by both Lottovate and UNICEF and was used to successfully launch the innovative and first of it’s kind product to the Norwegian Market.